Fragrance Creators' Committees, Work Groups & Task Forces

Fragrance Creators Committees 

  • Communications Executive Committee (CEC): Develops Fragrance Creators' brand, builds trust for and enhances the reputation of the fragrance industry among key constituencies, and establishes the association as the most trusted, respected voice and advocate for the industry. For more info, email 
    • Importance & Benefits of Fragrance Committee: Provides the sound-science basis for Fragrance Creators' communications efforts on the importance and benefits of fragrance, scent, and sense of smell.  For more info, email
  • Government and Legislative Affairs Executive Committee (GLAEC): Promotes programmatic educational and lobbying efforts that establish Fragrance Creators as the most trusted, respected voice and advocate for the fragrance industry. Develops proactive outreach to policymakers at all levels of government to influence decision making and to demonstrate the value of the fragrance industry. For more info, email 
    • Trade & Tariff Policy Committee (TTPC): Assimilates, digests, and distributes information concerning legislation and regulations pertaining to the import or export of fragrances and fragrance ingredients. For more info, email 
    • Value Chain Committee: Strategically enhances relationships and perceptions of the fragrance industry with partners across the value chain. For more info, email 
  • Regulatory Science Executive Committee (RSEC): Supports the organization's overall mission by ensuring sound science is reflected in our advocacy and industry positions and serves as subject matter experts on fragrance safety and science. Identifies key technical regulatory issues affecting members and monitors and develops strategies for and acts upon such issues. For more info, email
    • Transportation & Occupational Safety, Health, Environmental Committee (TOSHE): Reviews and discusses current and common safety, health and environmental practices along with specific methods and standards needed for continuously improving workplace performance. For more info, email 

Fragrance Creators Working Groups and Task Forces 

  • Canadian Regulations Work Group (CRWG): This Work Group reviews proposed chemical management policies in Canada. This includes reviewing chemical assessments that are released under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (1999) and changes to the Cosmetic Hotlist. The Work Group determines Fragrance Creators' strategy and develops comments in response to proposed regulations. For more info, email
  • California Air Resources Board Task Force (CARB TF): This Task Force focuses on the regulation of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) by the California Air Resources Board (CARB). Though the Ozone Transport Commission, Canada and other jurisdictions regulate VOCs, CARB sets the global regulatory ceiling. For more info, email 
  • Modernization of Cosmetic Regulations Act Work Group (MoCRA WG): This Work Group focuses on the implementation of the 2022 Modernization of Cosmetics Regulations Act within the Food and Drug Administration and beyond. Fragrance Creators concentrates on activity impacting fragrance, such as allergen labelling and good manufacturing practices. For more info, email 
  • Toxic Substance Control Act Task Force (TSCA TF): This Task Force covers all Environmental Protection Agency activity on the Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA), which was substantively amended in 2016. Fragrance Creators concentrates on activity related to existing chemicals and new chemicals. For more info, email 
  • Supply Chain Issues Working Group (SCIWG): This Work Group tackles a multitude of supply chain-related issues, including but not limited to shipping challenges, sourcing issues, and tax incentives (including R&D tax incentives). The SCIWG aids in advocacy efforts before Congress and the Administration by providing insights and expertise in these areas. For more info, email