Note: This is a tool to support member compliance efforts. Please consult with your own stakeholders, including legal counsel, before making a determination on how to best proceed with your company’s operations. For FCA Members Only - To be used internally and for EPA submittal only; please do not otherwise share outside your organization. 

We are proud to deliver critical compliance support to help members respond to The Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) Section 8(d) reporting requirements. In addition to providing advance notice of these requirements in early 2021, Fragrance Creators hosted two informational sessions for members in July to inform them of the reporting requirements under TSCA Section 8(d). 

NEW ➩ The association has now developed a series of lists of studies from the Research Institute for Fragrance Materials database that are subject to Section 8(d) reporting requirements, saving importers and manufacturers time compiling safety studies themselves:

1.) Focused on HHCB-related studies

2.) Studies for High Priority substances other than HHCB

3.) Citations that included organohalogen flame retardants, that are required to be reported under Section 8(d)

Attached here, you will find:

1.) a TSCA Section 8(d) one pager, explaining the requirement and reviewing our compliance support

2.) a combined PDF with a list of the health and safety studies pertaining to this requirement in the possession of RIFM

3.) Microsoft Word versions of each of the three study lists should you need to add additional studies.

Questions? Contact Darci Ferrer, dferrer@fragrancecreators.org.